On July 15, 2010 our daughter died mysteriously while in the care of an immediate relative and I descended into a hell of madness and addiction. A terrifying brush with an adult grizzly bear in Yellowstone suspended my self-loathing long enough for two orphaned grizzly cubs to enter my life and teach me how to live again.

Finding Marley, is the story of how I lost my precious daughter and then myself before a wilderness intervention saved my life, giving me a safe place to find Marley again. 

I’m writing this book as Marley’s legacy, as part of my recovery and to help anyone suffering with loss, depression or PTSD. I had to learn the hard way how to heal in nature  and I’m hoping by sharing my story, I can ease the suffering of others while honoring Marley and creating compassion for the wild world around us. 

I’ll be posting regularly on social media about updates on the book, excerpts and some of the research I’m  finding that supports the powerful affects of nature on the human spirit. Please LIKE and SHARE my page with anyone you feel could benefit from my story. My goal is to include everyone as we move this book towards print and create a community of compassion and healing. 

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Thank you to everyone who is helping to make, Finding Marley, a reality. There is hope in the wild.

For Marley and the Wild ~

Brad Orsted

Horsefeathers Photography

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